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Restaurants - Food & Drinks

Quai Henri IV, where the apartment is located, runs all along the quai of the leisure craft marina and it is lined with restaurants, bars and cafes. Other restaurants are very close by and also in Le Pollet quarter of town.

We will give you our suggestions of the best restaurants and sidewalk cafes in and around Dieppe.

Dieppe Market

Dieppe has the largest Saturday market in the area on La Grande Rue, Place Nationale and Rue d'Ecosse from 7:30 to 13:00. There is a smaller market on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Place Nationale. Just one minute from the apartment.

Tuesday through Sunday mornings you can buy fresh fish from the stands on the corner of Quai Henri IV and Quai Duquesne next to the fountain and the Tourist Office. The freshest fish you can get and at unbeatable prices direct from the boats fishing out of Dieppe.
You can see the fish stands from the front window of the flat.

Nautical Activities

Dieppe sailing club boats Dieppe is a deep water port.

There are boat trips to view the Dieppe cliffs in season and fishing all year round.

Dieppe is on the Côte d'Albâtre (Alabaster Coast). Sail boats and pleasure craft can moor in Dieppe.

Cercle de la Voile de Dieppe
Stop by for sailing information and weather forecasts for the Channel at the Sailing Center which is located on the port by the Tourist Office, just a minute from the flat.
Site in French

Biking, Cycle Routes & Walking

Avenue Verte, the Green Road/Corridor from Dieppe to Forges-les-Eaux is a 40-kilometer carfree cycling and walking path. From there one can bike on country roads and bike paths all the way to Paris. Bike along the official Paris-London sign-posted route.

Paris Dieppe London Avenue Verte


There is a lovely 18-hole course, open year round just 4 kilometers west of Dieppe.
Golf de Dieppe/Pourville
Site in French, English, Dutch
See also: Seine Maritime golf courses on the web


Dieppe Castle
Rue de Chastes - on the hill overlooking the sea
Open 10:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 17:00 (18:00 in summer)
Closed on Tuesdays

Manoir d'Ango
Summer home of Jehan Ango. Visit the manor house, grounds and dovecot at this Historic Monument. Varengeville-sur-Mer 8 kms west of Dieppe

Miromesnil Castle
Built in 1590. Guy de Maupassant, French writer, was born here.

Arques-la-Bataille Castle
Six kilometers southeast of Dieppe you can walk around the ruins of this 11th century château which William the Conqueror besieged and occupied.


Dieppe Castle Museum on the hill overlooking the town and the sea.

Estran-Cité de la Mer - sea museum
37 Rue de l'Asile Thomas

Visiting Dieppe by 'Petit Train'

This is a 45-minute trip around the town on the 'little train' with commentary in French.

Beach & Seaside Promenade

Dieppe has a long and lovely pebble beach with a paved promenade for pedestrians and a bike lane lined with cafés, soft drinks and ice cream stands and tourist items in season. Be sure to walk on the sand at low tide.

Horses & Equestrian Activities

The Hippodrome de Dieppe has races scheduled in June, July and August each year.

Dieppe horse jumping competition The Haras national du Pin or the Pin National Stud is less than a 2-hour drive from Dieppe. "The guided tour of the National Stud introduces you to the stables that house approximately 40 horses comprising 10 different breeds, all having the role to promote horse-breeding in France."

The Stud is open to the public non-stop throughout the Spring/Summer season, with more restricted opening hours in Autumn and Winter.
Haras national du Pin.

The picture above is from a horse jumping competition on the seafront Esplanade in Dieppe, summer 2012.


Jardin Shamrock
The French national collection of hortensias and hydrangeas with 2,000 plants including 1,200 named varieties that are simply exquisite.
Route du manoir d'Ango, Varengeville-sur Mer
Open 15 June to 30 September; Closed Tuesdays
Web site in French, English

gardens, flowers, parks dieppe france

Le Bois des Moustiers
Park, gardens and house open from 15 March to 15 November every day
Route de l'Eglise, Varengeville sur Mer


Dieppe - General History
Dieppe Seine Maritime in English
Dieppe Seine Maritime en français
Henry IV of France 1553 - 1610

Historic Monuments in Dieppe

Dieppe Castle with the earliest vestigages dating from the 1300s; splendid views of the sea and the Esplanade.

Les Tourelles, Boulevard de Verdun, a 15th-century city gate, is the only surviving gate of five originals.

Place du Puits-Salé, the saltwater well, on La Grande Rue.

Rue d'Ecosse, shopping street and the Miffant house dating from 1624.

Tour aux Crabes, remains which date from 1374 and see the plaque for Louise Michel who returned from exile in New Caledonia via Dieppe having been deported for her participation in La Commune de Paris.

Rue de la Barre with its 18th-century houses.

Bridges: le pont Colbert and le pont Ango.

Le Pollet, the traditional fishermen's quarter of Dieppe.

Churches: St Jacques (1250), St Rémy (1522) and Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours (1876)


Les Bains, on the Dieppe beachfront, is a water sports center and spa with 1,600 square meters of indoor and outdoor pools heated with sea water and open year round.


Dieppe town center for shops and boutiques. There are several superettes and a Carrefour Market in the center. Auchan, LeClerc and Intermarche supermarkets are on the outskirts of town.


Ciné Dieppe and Le Rex showing films in French and some films in original version.


Grand Casino de Dieppe, on the beachfront.

Dieppe - Canada Connection

  • Square du Canada commemorating Canadian-French relations, below the castle at the west end of the Esplanade.

  • Memorial to the Canadian Raid in 1942 at place St-Saëns.

  • Dieppe Canadian World War II Cemetery in memory of the 19 August 1942 Dieppe Raid is in Saint-Aubin-sur-Scie southwest of Dieppe.

    Ivory & Spice Route

    Route de l'Ivoire et des Epices
    The Ivory and Spice Route around Normandy is best done by car.

    Festivals and Fêtes

    Third weekend in November every year.
    Fêtes du Hareng/Foire aux Harengs et de la Coquille Saint-Jacques,.

    This annual Herring and Scallops Festival is not to be missed. Two days of animation all around Dieppe.

    September 2014

    Don't miss the International Kite Festival, held every two years on the Esplanade in Dieppe.
    September 2014 was the most recent festival.


    There are ferry boat connections between Dieppe and New Haven run by Transmanche Ferries/LD Lines. The schedule varies depending on the tides in New Haven which does not have a deep port.

    Regional Activities & Attractions

    Along the coast to the Southwest

  • Varengeville sur Mer - frequented by many artists: Braque, Cocteau, Miro, Monet, Pissarro... and visit the Jehan Ango Manor House, grounds and dovecot
  • Veules les Roses - has the shortest sea-bound river of France at 1.194 kilometers
  • St Valery en Caux - fishing port and beach
  • Fecamp - Palais Bénédictine and tasting room; Abbatiale de la Trinité
  • Etretat - Falaise d'Aval and d'Amont - cliffs; Arsene Lupin Museum
  • Le Havre - fishing industry and port; the City Rebuilt by Auguste Perret - UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Honfleur - Le Vieux Bassin, its picturesque port and the excellent Eugène-Boudin Museum
  • Deauville - elegant beach town, horse racing, Deauville American Film Festival
  • Mont-Saint-Michel and its Bay - UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Normandy Beaches & Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial

    Along the coast to the Northeast

  • Le Treport - fishing port and beach
  • Boulogne-sur-Mer - Castle and museum, cathedral; Nausicaä - The French National Sea Center nearby
  • Calais - Major ferry port, Channel Tunnel linking to Folkstone, UK, Burghers of Calais Auguste Rodin sculpture
  • Dunkerque/Dunkirk - World War II battle, evacuation and siege

    In the Seine Maritime Department 76000 France

  • Neufchatel en Bray - famous for its heart-shaped cheese
  • Rouen - the old town with 15th to 18th century wood timbered houses, Fine Arts Museum, Rouen cathedral
  • Jumieges - Abbey dating to the 10th century
  • Le Pin National Stud - in Normandy, Orne department 61000

    Distances by Car to Dieppe

    Paris: 195 kilometers
    Calais: 171 kilometers
    Lille: 225 kilometers
    Dover/Douvres: 227 kilometers
    Lyon: 654 kilometers
    Bordeaux: 719 kilometers
    Toulouse: 824 kilometers
    Marseille: 965 kilometers

    From European Capitals

    Amsterdam: 536 kilometers
    Bruxelles: 339 kilometers
    Berlin: 1,087 kilometers
    Bern: 778 kilometers
    London: 333 kilometers
    Madrid: 1,401 kilometers
    Rome: 1,624 kilometers

    By Train

    Paris Gare St Lazare - Dieppe (2 hours 10 minutes)

    By Ferry

    From the UK: New Haven - Dieppe (4 hours)
    Transmanche Ferries LD Lines

    By Light Aircraft

    Aérodrome de Dieppe-Saint Aubin, 5 kilometers from Dieppe
    Position: 49°53'5.45"N / 1°4'49.26"E
    Altitude: 104 meters (341 feet) with 2 runways

    Links to Official Web Sites

    Dieppe Tourist Office Official Site
    In French, English

    Dieppe Town Official Site
    In French, English

    Normandy Tourist Board Official Site
    In French, English, German, Dutch, Spanish and other languages

    Les Informations Dieppoises
    In French - Dieppe newspaper, online version.

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